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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A few days ago i went to hangout with my besties from high school. Like usual it was fun though there was one of my besties couldn't come at that day cause she felt nauseous (FYI she is's a good news :) ). We did window shopping and had chit chat. Firstly we just had light conversation but gradually we had serious conversation. was about marriage, this was caused by our friends phenomenon who had been married. We talked about the preparation for marriage and what we need for marriage.
Actually for now i still don't think about marriage. Marriage is not in my plan for next 4 years. But it's okay i think to talk about it, prepare for my future. Here some of our thoughts about what we need before we decided to get married:
  1. The way of thinking about marriage
    This is one of important thing you must have before you decided to marry someone. You need to set your mind that marriage is very new stage of your life. In marriage there are two bodies with one mind and one heart. Marriage is not just about marry the one you love but you marry his/her family too. And you must prepare for condition how if there is conflict in your marriage?, how you can deal with it, how you solve your problem, and etc. My sweeto said that if you don't have strong frame of marriage mind your marriage will be prone to divorce.
  2. Material
    If there is someone say that material not as important as love in marriage,'s a fool and so naive!. You'll need this to survive your marriage, you'll need this to build your own family.  I agree with what my sweeto said, "If you don't have enough material for your marriage it will lead you to poverty, poverty will lead you to fatuity (your son or daughter can become stupid because you don't have enough money to pay their tuitition school), and fatuity will lead you to criminality. Great thought sweeto!
  3. Love
    This is foundation for your marriage. Because you'll marry the one who you love, how can you marry someone who you don't love. With love you can build your marriage with understanding, reliance, and respect.
In my religion, the essential of marriage is the purpose itself which is for ibadah. How we can learn more from it and do something good for it. Then how we can build a good family.

    Eliza :)

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