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What do you do in the waiting time?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Recently, i feel like i need some time killer. Yeah i need some activities which can make me busy. I need to fill my spare time with some activities in order i don't feel worry much (read:Galau in bahasa) about my status now (read:jobless). In this spare time, i also try to develop my skill and abilities in some area and i learn new things too. I made some plans for my future too. I felt like i was so enthusiastic when did that, felt like i will try so hard to accomplish all of my plans. So far, it works for expelling the worry much feeling.

These are some activities which i do in this waiting time. I just share it for you too, i hope it can be usefull for you who is in the same status with me now :) ....enjoy!
  1. Develop my foreign language skill
    Now i try so hard to increase my TOEFL score, i want to get minimum 600 (the dream score). Why i try so hard?cause i wanna get scholarship abroad!. UK,Japan,Korea,Germany are my choice for studying abroad. Beside that i also practice some conversation in english, i just feel awkward to use english in my's been a long time ago i did some english debate stuff, but now i feel awkward when i try to speak english.
    I also learn deutch and korea...hehe. I am very aware with this global world nowadays, just one foreign language is not enough!. I learn those language by my self and my sister also help me to learn deutch, she knows deutch better than me. For korea i learn from online course and some book. firstly i learn korea cause i like k-movie so much..HAHAHA, but i think it's usefull for me too coz korea is one my choice to study abroad. FIGHTING!
  2. Work hard on SAT and GMAT
    I do this because i really prepare my self for studying abroad. Many top universities require SAT or GMAT score. I wanna hold master degree before i am 25 years old.
  3. Blogwalking
    This is one of my hobbies...When you do blogwalking you can get some inspiration too. I have many favorite blog.
  4. Watch some serial movies
    I am moviegoers. Beside i watch movie in cinema, i also watch some serial from both east and west. I don't watch sinetron. I don't underestimate the film maker from my country, but for now story and quality of sinetron really makes me frustated. It's over dramatized and like having some never ending stories. I like grey's anatomy, gossip girl, chuck, bones, glee, raising hope, the mentalist, up all nite, new girl. Now i am addicted to k-movie because now i am fan of Jung Yong Hwa. Once i watch him in Hearstrings and i he is amazing. I love his voice too, he has a band (noted not boy band) named CN Blue.
    Jung Yong Hwa
  5. Browse some design for my future home
    It's fun when you plan something for your future, especially about home. I want to design my future home with minimalist-japan-classic theme. I want my future home has some air circulation and make it eco friendly house. I wanna have a large backyard and there's mini swimming pool. And think of my clothes,shoes, and bag collection, i wanna have walk in closet (oh my future husband, you better grant this wish). And i want to serve delicious meal for my family, so i wanna have a cozy kitchen with complete utilities that i need. Because my hobbies are reading and watching movie, i want to have my private library and home theatre.
    my future walk in closet
    My future home theatre
    My future home library
    My future kitchen
  6. Browse some wedding stuff for my wedding dream
    This is so girl stuff...hahaha. I want a white theme for my akad and purple-silver for the wedding party.
  7. Write some poetry
    I'll post some of my poetry in the next time...stay tune on my blog :)
  8. Develop my skill in database management
    I love this course very's very interesting to learn this. I join stanford online course.
  9. Take a walk and hangout in cafe
    When i'm bored and need some inspiration, i'll do this.
  10. Do some sport
    I need to stay healthy and fresh so i do this. Usually i just jogging, swimming, or do some dance.
  11. Learn to cook
    I want to be caring mother and wife so i must be able to cook well. I want my family love me :)
  12. Learn to design clothes
    I have passion in fashion. Someday i wanna have my own clothing line and my own boutique.
  13. Learn to apply make up on my face
    Girl must know how to dress up and look beautiful. But the most important is the inner beauty, remember this!
  14. Read my favorite book
    With read the book you'll know the world, i am bookworm.
  15. Consume many chocolates and juice
    Chocolate has substances that can make you happy. It can expell your worry much feeling. And juice is usefull for detoxification and make you look fresh and healthy.
  16. Indulging my self

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