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Sunday, November 20, 2011
The favorite thing which will i do when i have worry feeling (read:galau) is go hangout with my friends. This has some positive effect for me. When you have your bonding time with your friend, you'll feel more comfortable because you can tell them what you are feeling and express yourself like you want without feel worry if there is somebody will reject you.
Like what i do a few days ago, when i go hangout with my two firends (who have some worry feeling too), hey There, hey Rindel!. We share some story and it made us feel a lil bit relax. Because maybe we feel we are not the one who has this feeling too. We talked about the very beautiful university life that we've ever had, we talked about how is our friends, then we discuss about some book. We imagined how if we became the writer. Yeah it was so fun!. You should try it!. Enjoy!.

Eliza :)

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