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2012: Simple Planning To Achieve

Thursday, January 5, 2012
Here we are 2012. Woww, time flies really fast!. Here some plans that i want to do in this year. Yeah, some my plans maybe sound silly for you but yeah, it's me who wants to do simple small thing for getting an extraordinary investment in future. Okay, let's look my plans:
  • Can cook some recipe (minimum 15 recipe)
  • Can do basic knitting technique
  • Can make scrapbook in intermediate level
  • Can go to the beach that has clear turqoise water and white sand
  • Can go to one place that i never visit before
  • I can finish read Holy Qur'an
  • My design sketch can be better
  • Open another account in Bank
  • Want to see panda and penguin, really i never see those cute creatures before
  • Want to take picture with orang utan like i did before when i was 4 years old. But unfortunately, this species is almost extinct now. Hope i can still do this!
Ok, that's all of my plans...Hope i can put some check on that plans and Hope those plans can inspire all of you to do better thing in 2012 :D

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