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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sometimes in life we don’t know how to be grateful or we forgot to be grateful. We always beef about our life. We feel that everyhting we’ve already received is not enough. We always demand something more. Although ‘never enough thing’ is human characteristic, we must be grateful for everyhting we have.

Sometimes we feel that our neighbour’s grass is greener than ours and we forget to make our grass become green. If we always look something which is better than what we have, we will not know to be grateful for everything that we have. Yeah, there will be never enough thing in our life!. Hey, you must remember to look everyhting in different sight. Dark green is not always better than light green!. There are so many shade of green, and if we can look and understand it in different sight, we will know that it is beautiful.
Sometimes in life we don’t realize what is better for us is already close to us, but unfortunately we can’t see it. We just too busy to look for something that we don't have so we can't see the better thing is close to us. Once again we must to be grateful to know what is better for us.

So, the lesson that i can take is in life we must to be grateful no matter what we have, there's always a reason for it and what is better based on us doesn't always better based on God's opinion. Just believe that your God always give you something that you need and better.


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