An urban lady diary

A Little Things That Make Me Happy

Sunday, March 4, 2012
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  1. Smell of new book
  2. Smell of gasoline
  3. Smell of the soil after raining
  4. Smell of new clothes at Department store
  5. Smell of popcorn butter
  6. Smell of morning weather
  7. Early morning message from bumblebee
  8. My bumblebee's voice on the phone
  9. Blogwalking
  10. Looking at my photo collection
  11. Chocolate and milk
  12. Book Shop
  13. Walking with barefoot on the sand
  14. Garden
  15. Make up experiment
  16. Thriller, Horror, name it!
  17. Comedy romantic
  18. Jet coaster, roller coaster
  19. My mom's photo
  20. Lace
  21. Pastel colour
  22. Vintage thing
  23. Handycraft
  24. All about frog
  25. Chatting with my bumblebee
  26. Collect motivation and inspiring quotes
  27. Doing groceries shop

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