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Wednesday, May 9, 2012
I am not a type of person who can enjoy the spare time with nothing to do. I am a type of person who always look for the way to fill my spare time. Now I have much spare time because I still don't work. Yeah, finally I decided to pull off my scholarship in Korea. Some people said that i missed my boat, but I believe deeply in my heart that I've already made a right decision. I already thought about that so deeply, there were so many consideration until I made that decision. And now I am on my way to pursue my another dream, I am really work hard on this. I believe this quote: "Man Jadda Wa Jadda, Man Shabara Zhafira." It's long way to go to pursue this dream, it really takes many times until reach the finish line, it needs a bunch of patient, but I believe I can pass through this. God is Good, He will guide me into the light.

Now, beside i am working on my dream I still do other things. You know that I am obsessed with enhance my skill in english, I want to reach above 600 for my TOEFL exam (I need extra 30 to get that). I am obsessed with doing some TOEFL prep exercises everytime I have spare time (I know it's crazy). Then, I like to speak in english alone to practice my conversation skill and sometimes if people look at me do that thing, they might think that I have mind disorder, hahahaha....When I knew I got scholarship to Korea, I practiced Korean language too. Until now, although I already put off that scholar I still practice because I like Korean drama.

Book, movie, book, movie...those things always accompany me in bad and good times. I am a bookworm and moviegoer. By reading I can building my self into something better, it gives me a lot of knowledges. It also can boost my mood.

I think that's all of my rumblings for today. Yeah i just need to write something to make my self feel better.
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