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How's Life?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Break time, In meeting room least I am trying to be grateful. Yeah...I am blessed, thank you Allah. Life gives me so many new things. New environment to be explored, new friendly friends, new people, new (excellent) experiences, and last but not least my great senior consultant. I am so inspired with him, I can learn many many new things. I can absorb his knowledge to pursue my dream. The executives in here are ah-so-amazing, They make me so on fire to reach my dream.

Orang orang itu ya semakin menguatkan hasrat saya untuk belajar di luar negeri, taking my master degree. Boleh kan ya ntar di CV saya ada tulisan harvard ato oxford ato stanford nya atau yahhh you can say the name of famous university in the world. Saya semakin haus akan ilmu dan pengalaman. Gak papa saya mulai dari bawah, I am on learning process. I am on way to be a beautiful butterfly. Seberat apapun itu hidup, it just the way of life to shape your self to be someone extraordinary. What doesn't kill you, it just makes you stronger rite?.

All of that make me to be grateful for every single thing that I have. Thank you for giving me that rejection. Thank you for making me like now. If you look more deeply, every single thing in your life is a gift. Yeah, and I believe everything happen with a reason. Life is great, God is good :) .

2 comments on "How's Life?"
  1. jangan lupa bagi-bagi ilmunya ya kakak konsultan... :3

  2. wah ada kakak yang super cool ini...Iya kakak, kita saling berbagi yee,ini juga masih dalam tahapan belajar...emmmuahhh


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