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My Amazing 23rd

Monday, December 10, 2012
In my dorm room, Now playing: Big Bang - Gara Gara Go!

Last Friday, to be exact at 7th of December 2012, I had my birthday. Now I am officially 23rd guys!. Time is rocket, rite?. 23rd means a lot to me. Many deadline in my life timeline that I must accomplish. So thrilling yet exciting to run my 23rd. Wish me luck in my 23rd ya guys.

I got two cakes in my 23rd, hahaha...super happy. The first is from my office mates. They gave me suprise with some scenario that I didn't realize, thanks a lot guys. And the second is frommmmm my bumblebee a.k.a Mr. A. He flew from far away place, Borneo, just for giving a bunch of surprise. I cried..yeah..I cried in front of him when He brought me  a rose, a gift, and a cake. I am lucky girl.

Welcome 23rd, be nice!

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