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The 5th Anniversary

Monday, December 10, 2012
In my dorm room, now playing: Taeyang ft. G Dragon - I Need A Girl

I already celebrated my 5th anniversary with Mr. A a.k.a the one and only bumblebee on December 9th, 2012. Such a bliss that I can pass the whole five years with him, through bad and good times. I love you more and more :) . Yuk mari kejar setoran untuk langkah selanjutnya,hehehe...semangat!!!!.

Gembulllll, thank you for being the person who always reminds me to protect my dreams, and pursue them. For wanting to stick with me no matter how irritating and annoying I have always been. For still being there and still listening whenever I babble and moaning about everything in my life. For being the place to lean on when I had to go through the lowest points of my life. For getting along with my family and friends. For letting me get along with yours. For reminding me to always be good, and do good deeds to others. For making me wanting to be a much better version of myself. For wanting to make me proud. For succeeding of making me proud. For the gifts. For the surprise. For the fighting and the arguments. For the stories. For the laughs. For the advices. For the lessons. For the dates. For wanting to invent your dreams with me. For letting me be a part of your life. For asking me to be a part of mine.For wanting to be responsible for my feelings, especially my happiness. Happy 5th year, Love you like a crazy!

2 comments on "The 5th Anniversary"
  1. selamat ya el :)
    gak krasa ya, banyak jg genesis yg masih anniversarian sampek 5th.. hehehe


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