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Thank You 2012

Saturday, January 19, 2013
In Hotel room

Hi, how was your day? I hope it's great!, though my days weren't good enough...There is flood in my residence, Karawang. This flood came from Bogor and Bandung, then when Jatiluhur reservoir was opened...It worsened the flood in my residence. But all of that can't stop to say thank you for the whole 2012 that has been through in my life. It's just the beginning of 2013. Thanks God I am save, 'coz I was in Hotel before that flood happenned.

Wait.. maybe the right question to ask you right now is, how's 2012 been treating you?
The start of the year 2012 was hard and gloomy for me that I expected in th middle of the year, it would be okay. But a lot of bad and good things actually happened this year, and a big part of the bad was caused by my carelesness. Yup, they was caused by being unresponsible, being unprofessional, being lazy, and oh well.. you don't really wanna read all about my mistakes and the details about them, right? I'll keep it as my lessons. The good things are I got a job that I like, there is my heart in that job. After all rejection, I got the best choice. There is some check marks on my wish list, Happy!. I can cook now, Amazing. I could be more independent and more appreciate the little things in my life.

I can also recall that my bumblebee suggested me to straighten up my life again and to never give up on my dreams. And I guess his words sunk into me. I nailed a few of my new year resolutions before the end of this year. So.. I guess it's safe to say that 2012 has been treating me the way I deserved to be treated, and that is more than enough for me.

As for 2013, I have a feeling that no matter how hard things get, it's going worth the struggle that I'm going to do.

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