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Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Yesterday I and my friend went to see a movie, a very happening movie, The Conjuring. I've waited to see this movie since two weeks ago. You know that I love horror movie so much. It makes my adrenaline rush faster than usual. It can take your emotion to the top then drop it to the lowest. Makes your heart beat uncontrollable. Makes you scream and jump at the same time but in the end your mind feels so refreshed. Don't call me psycho cause I even don't kill a tiny little ant, me a horror geek.

Firstly we are worried that we saw the movie in night of friday (read: malam jumat in bahasa). Because in Indonesia myth, night of friday is scary, eerie, and mystical day. But we neck that matter, we just want that movie so much, we were so curious to death. The zest of moviegoers is high toward this movie, no wonder the queue of this movie were long enough and the seats were full in studio one. Yeah we were so excited.

*Spoiler Alert*

The movie was opened with annabelle doll story, the scary doll which has bad evil inside it. But The Warren said that evil doesn't posses a thing, they just use it as a conduit. Evil use that thing to intrude people and finally posses them. This annabelle doll is one of the cases of The Warren that they can handle well. Now the annabelle doll was put in their house. The Warren has a room in their house which is used as storage room for goods that they collected after solve their cases. Scary enough huh?, even I like horror I don't want any mystical thing in my house even a little.

One day there is Perron family who moves into new house. The form of the building is scary enough, vintage house. And if I were them I don't want to live in that place even you pay me a billion. Moral of the story: don't buy a big house with a good scenery with a cheap price, you must suspect about that. The Perron has five children, all of them are girl. I this family is so productive, the mother is a superwoman, hahaha....

The evil disturb the family, starting with annoying sound, a clock that always stops at 3.07, killing their dog name Sadie, then birds that do suicide by bumping its head to the house wall. This disruption is getting worse by presence of Rory, a child ghost, who only can be seen by April through her music box. Then they found a haunted basement. Afterwards there is mysterious clap sound, family picture that fall down by itself, the bruise mark that appear on mother's skin, and the misterious one who pull the christine's leg when she sleep (this is one of my favorite part of classic horror). 

The Perron can't take it anymore, so the mother call the Warren to solve that case. The Warren said that this is the most difficult case that They've ever solved. Short story short, The Warren decide to do exorcise to that house because that house keep bad spirit. The house has scary history. Finally the Warren did it.

Overall, I love this movie so much, James Wan is a brilliant horror geek. You know that his previous movies were so amazing too (Saw and Insidious). He can choose what score, color tone, story plot, and twist are best. Then he combine all of them and make it into horror masterpiece. Along this movie I often hold my breath and jump from my seat because I scared. He knows how to give surprise to the audience. You can't guess where the surprise will appear, haha...take that!. So now, I am waiting for the insidious 2, his next masterpiece.
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