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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Long time no see fellas, habis sibuk sihhh *belaga artis* ... lebih tepatnya no will to write dan rasa malas yang menjalar ketika mau mulai nulis. But the will for sharing my life story is becoming bigger and bigger now, so i decided to write as soon as possible. Apa kabarnya ini? *kayak ada yang nanyain aja*... life is good actually. So here let me keep you updated...

- Marriage life has been good to me. I have super duper kind, humble, and patient hubby. So far He handle me well. First, second, and third month after wedding mayhem were tough months for us. We tried to settle and adjust here and there. We moved from one unit apartement to another unit which has better facilities for us. In the early fourth month, problems knocked on our door and what we could do was just face it!. Sometimes I laughed with the way God want to play with us. Maybe our attention to God is less so He want to play with us to attract our attention.
There was a time that I was depressed, angry, and felt so weary, but hubby knew how to calm me down. Dari sini keliatan banget yang paling gampang panik itu aku, ada apa apa dikit yang gak beres atau out of track langsung panik seketika.
My hubby accept me like the way I am. Dia makan segala makanan yang aku masak bagaimanapun rasanya, padahal tau sendiri lah ya masakan seorang koki cap amatiran gini. Dia juga semakin menyesuaikan dengan istrinya yang neat freak ini.

- About the child...hmm, we still try to conceive, this is work on progress. Gak ditunda, gak keburu juga...dipasrahkan saja sama Yang Di Atas. I believe God will give the child in the right time, on the right situation and condition. Anak itu kan rejeki ya, jadi ya tinggal usaha dan berdoa supaya rejeki nya semakin mendekat.

- About dream home...we are on our way, after many decisions and delay. Finally, soon we'll have our dream home...bismillah.

Okay, that's my life story all about...I'll try to write more, see ya on my next post.
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