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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mumpung ada waktu (baca: mood) buat nulis akhirnya langsung buka halaman entri dan nulis post ini, hahaha. Post ini bisa dibilang lumayan telat ya secara uda masuk pertengahan bulan dan yang lain uda selese bahas tentang tahun lalu, tapi bisa dibilang belum telat juga ding secara ini masih bulan awal di tahun yang baru, hahaha. I won't write about my resolution in here or wishlist, I'll just keep it for my self. Terus mau nulis apa dong shay?? this post will tell you about my 2015 highlight and my gratitude in 2015. Because I think so many times that me myself often demand this and that, complaint about this and that, whine for this and that. Oh my I am so ungrateful. As human, we may dissapointed with some our life aspect but if we always fulfill our desire and forget how to thank about our life it will destroy our soul. Kalo kata mamah dedeh bisa jadi penyakit hati, dapat menggerogoti our bright side.

Start from the beginning of 2015, February to be exact, There was a once time my life experience. I married to my bestfriend after all of this and that. I made a vow that I'll go through the rest of my life with him till the eternity. Continued with the short honeymoon in Bandung. Then we live in two mini bedrooms apartment. It's not a lux apartment but it's comfortable for us, as long as we stay together on the summer or rain.

Then between April and June, it was the hardest time of our marriage. I've already told you on my past post about this. We tried to manage everything well and adjust anything here and there. We fell and we stood up together. Because we are strong if we are together. We can do anything that impossible if we are together.

On August, finally we got our first house. It's faster than we've already planned because our plan for the house is in 2016. See... God has his own way to make us happy, God has his own answer for all of our prayer, God knows what the best for us. Then God knows how to make us strong than before by giving us a trial. I lost my granny in this year after I lost my grandpa in 2014. I can't imagine this before. Bisa dibilang nenek itu orang terdekat kedua setelah mama. Dari masih umur berapa bulan uda diasuh sama nenek karena mama harus kerja. It was so scary when I look her dying in bed because her illness. The ICU room is scarier than the ghost house. Gimana gak inget ya, aku nyaksiin langsung detik detik terakhir sebelum meninggalnya di ruangan ICU. Nyaksiin waktu sakratul maut nya. And this is not my first experience, dulu juga nyaksiin gimana tersiksanya mama gara gara penyakitnya.

But I wanna thanks for this life in 2015 that You've been given to me. It's wonderful, awesome, and fabolous. I learned so many things about life. It shapes me to be a mature and wise lady. May the force always be with you in 2016!.

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